Tips from our herbalist

Tips from the Exmoor Herbalist: April 
Tuesday 06 April 2021

As the days get lighter, we share some warming words and supportive herbal blends from the Exmoor Herbalist, Jane.

Tips from the Exmoor Herbalist: December 
Tuesday 15 December 2020

The Exmoor herbalist Jane reminds us of the use of the resins of frankinsence and Myrrh, with recipes for a Festive frankincense & pine blend and a Magical myrrh, cinnamon & rose blend.

Essential Oil Lymphatic Cream 
Tuesday 19 May 2020

We love the variety of funtions that essential oils can offer - this is a fantastic recipe for a lymphatic cream (thanks to Jane Wallwork - The Exmoor Herbalist) using a variety of oils to help the lymphatic system clear infections and to support white blood cells.

Nourishing Soup 
Tuesday 12 May 2020

It's been incredibly inspiring seeing the creativity and enthusiasm that many people have discovered and shared over the last few weeks. Sometimes, being forced to adopt new focus and ways of thinking helps to bring out new passions, and it definitely seems that, for many, culinary skills are now amongst them! Here's a quick and easy recipe for a delicious soup using cupboard and fridge basics, thanks to The Exmoor Herbalist, Jane Wallwork.

Essential Oils 
Tuesday 05 May 2020

We don't know about you, but we are definitely guilty of coming across bottles of essential oils hidden away at the back of cupboards. Well now is the time to dig these incredibly effective ingredients out of their hiding places - here are some suggestions from Jane Wallwork (The Exmoor Herbalist) for oils that may be beneficial during these times. 

Soothing Herbal Tea 
Tuesday 28 April 2020

How are you doing? We hope you have been finding ways to keep yourselves feeling nurtured and supported. As promised, here's another lovely recipe from Jane Wallwork (The Exmoor Herbalist) - this time for a soothing and grounding herbal tea. Sit back, relax, and take time to savour and reset.

Immune-boosting Cordial 
Wednesday 22 April 2020

This period of enforced time at home, and of finding ways to reset our 'normal' routines, is undoubtedly fostering a renewed focus on health and wellbeing. As we look for support to help bring calm and reassurance, and to boost our immunity, there are many simple yet effective things we can easily try at home. We've been making and enjoying a delicious, immune-boosting cordial - from Jane, The Exmoor Herbalist.

Tips from the Exmoor Herbalist: December 
Monday 09 December 2019

Winter is a time of darkness, stillness and rest. It is a vital part of the cycle of life and a quiet energy permeates the earth. A time for dreams and inner exploration and sitting by the fire looking at seed catalogues and planning for spring. Read more from the Exmoor herbalist Jane below.

Tips from the Exmoor Herbalist: September 
Thursday 05 September 2019

The Exmoor Herbalist Jane Wallwork looks at Juniper and Angelica as we reluctantly say goodbye to the summer. 

Tips from the Exmoor Herbalist: April 
Monday 15 April 2019

The spring equinox (when night and day are of equal length) has passed, the hedgerows are bright with green, and flowers are starting to show their stunning colours - spring is officially here in all its glory! More below from the Exmoor Herbalist Jane Wallwork.

Tips from the Exmoor Herbalist: November 
Monday 05 November 2018

Here is an immune boosting stock recipe from The Exmoor Herbalist, Jane Wallwork, made from medicinal roots and mushrooms to add to soups, stews, gravy and sauces this winter. 

Tips from The Exmoor Herbalist: January 
Friday 19 January 2018

As we focus on a healthier start to the New Year, Jane Wallwork shares some delicious ways to use the remarkable Baobab Super Fruit.

Tips from The Exmoor Herbalist: November 
Wednesday 22 November 2017

Highly-prized for their benefits, The Exmoor Herbalist, Jane Wallwork-Gush, introduces ways of using Baobab Powder and Oil at home to create wonderful facial treatments. 

Tips from our herbalist: August 
Monday 14 August 2017

With summer in the UK seemingly over for this year, resident Herbal Technician Jane Wallwork-Gush optimistically shares ideas for natural sun protection. 

Tips from our herbalist: February 
Tuesday 31 January 2017

When we are feeling down at this time of year, nature itself can show us that the good things in life are coming. The soil is becoming warmer and the buzz and hum of new plant growth lies just beneath the surface. Our herbalist Jane shares some tips to combat those winter blues.

Tips from our herbalist: December 
Wednesday 07 December 2016

Christmas and New Year can be a wonderful time for good food, drink and company and also a time of anxiety, stress and overindulging!  Find out which herbs can help with digestion, sleep, stress and the morning after.

Tips from our herbalist: August 
Monday 01 August 2016

Prevention is better than cure: Jane Wallwork-Gush shares some herbal tips for keeping your furry friends fit and healthy.

Tips from our herbalist: June 
Friday 03 June 2016

As we fast approach the Summer Solstice, Jane Wallwork-Gush shares some of the folklore and tradition surrounding the time of year.

Tips from our herbalist: April 
Tuesday 26 April 2016

Organic Herb Trading's Herbal Technician, Jane Wallwork-Gush, shares spring herb stories and tips.

Tips from our herbalist 
Friday 18 March 2016

Jane Wallwork-Gush shares more seasonal folklore and tips on herbs to ease us in to spring.

Tips from our herbalist 
Monday 22 February 2016

February: The month of love and new beginnings. Our in-house Herbal Technician, Jane Wallwork-Gush, tells us more about traditional folklore of herbs around this time of year, as well as their more modern day uses.

Tips from our herbalist 
Monday 25 January 2016

As this winter's unpredictable (and frankly, rather annoying!) weather fluctuations continue, coughs, colds and chest infections seem prevalent. Herbal options can help soothe irritation and ease congestion, so here are a few tips and recipes from our Herbalist, Jane Wallwork-Gush to help see you through the season.

Tips from our herbalist 
Monday 14 December 2015

Mistletoe, ivy and holly - all plants we associate with decorative festivity around Christmas time, but many also come steeped in magical folklore and claimed health benefits. In-house herbal technician Jane Wallwork-Gush tells us more.

Tips from our herbalist 
Tuesday 17 November 2015

Now is the time for us to prepare for the winter ahead and take herbs with immune boosting properties to help prevent ill health. 

Tips from our herbalist 
Tuesday 13 October 2015

As the temperature drops and we edge towards the winter months, our resident herbalist Jane Wallwork-Gush, offers some more tips and remedies to ward off seasonal ailments. 

Tips from our herbalist 
Tuesday 08 September 2015

As we move in to Autumn, our resident herbalist Jane offers some advice to help us prepare for the colder months ahead.

Tips from our herbalist 
Friday 15 May 2015

Our resident herbalist Jane, offers some ideas and suggestions for spring tonics to help wash away toxins and prepare for warm days ahead.