Welcome to our Brexit update page! 


As UK businesses navigate the fine points of detail following on from the EU-UK Trade Agreement, we will keep this page updated with latest information.  

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11 February 2021

Parcel orders update - unfortunately, at this time all couriers with currently-operational services to the EU have categorised our products as items they choose not to carry between the UK and EU countries.  Customers may have seen information about this issue in the media, many couriers have adopted restrictions against transporting products within very widely-defined categories, causing problems for a wide range of UK businesses and consumers.  

At this time we therefore must make a temporary pause on sending parcel orders to EU destinations.  We believe that couriers will refine their list of restricted items in time, due to the serious impact the current situation is having.  If you have an order in progress with us, we will be in touch.  If your order did not make it through to its destination prior to the tightening of restrictions, we must cancel and refund your order, with our apologies.  Unfortunately the situation is beyond our control.  

Pallet orders update - we are able to despatch pallet orders to EU destinations where those orders do not require an organic COI.  Please note that some delays may apply, or higher pallet costs than usual, but we fully anticipate being able to despatch your orders.

However for pallet orders to EU destinations that do require an organic COI, we are placing a temporary pause on despatch of orders.  This is due to swiftly-changing information from our organic certifier that affects the detail of how orders may be packed, labelled, and featured on the COI.  We are working with our organic certifier and other businesses in our sector, to ensure that we reach a point of clarity and feel confident that changes will not occur whilst a customer shipment is in-progress, that may put that shipment at risk in any way.

We fully anticipate this being only a temporary pause.  Our team has many years of experience in international export prior to Brexit, and we are working with our network of contacts to resolve the current challenges.  

1 February 2021
Parcel orders update – although some customers have successfully received parcel deliveries sent by us to destinations in the EU, it now transpires that unfortunately DPD, the parcel courier service that we have worked with successfully in the UK and EU for many years now, have categorised many of the products in our range as items that they choose not to carry between the UK and EU countries.  This is purely a policy decision by DPD (and unfortunately the list of products that DPD will not carry will affect many UK businesses trading a variety of goods to EU customers), however we can confirm it is not due to any legislation that prevents transport of these products between the UK and EU.
We are now working to set up alternative courier provision for our customers in the EU.  We are in touch with all customers who have orders with us that have been further delayed to confirm new arrangements and anticipated arrival dates with you.  If you would like to place a new order with us then we will confirm available parcel courier options based on the details of your specific order.

27 January 2021
Success!  We are pleased to confirm that many of our customers in the EU and in Northern Ireland have now successfully received parcel orders from us via DPD, following the temporary suspensions to the DPD export service earlier in January. 
We are working with our customers to progress any remaining outstanding orders, please do contact us if you have any queries about a current order in progress, or new order you’d like to place.
Republic of Ireland - At the present time DPD have confirmed to us that their system is not facilitating parcels sent to the Republic of Ireland.  We will update when they have confirmed it is resolved.
“High risk” ingredients – you may have received an early notification from your organic certifier that some of our products were classified as high-risk in terms of export checks.  Please can we confirm that we have received assurance in writing from Soil Association Certification that Organic Herb Trading/our product range are not classified as high risk and should not be treated as such in terms of checks.  Please do get in touch if you have any further queries about this and we will do our best to help.
Import charges/duties/VAT – Many of you may have seen news stories about taxes and charges being applied to orders from the UK to EU, or vice versa, that have come as a surprise to the recipient of the goods.  Please can we reiterate that although we are no longer adding VAT to relevant items when selling to the EU, charges may still apply to your order when it arrives in your country, for customs or duties.  These charges are beyond our control and please – check with the relevant authorities in your country to be certain of what charges may apply.  We will always ask if you have an EORI number that we can add to your order (applicable for VAT-registered businesses).   
COIs for goods from the UK to EU destinations and to Northern Ireland – To re-confirm, going forwards we will always clarify with you if your order needs to retain its legal organic status on arrival with you.  We remain totally committed to supplying certified organic products to our customers, and all our products (except the small number of non-organic items in our range which are always clearly listed) will still hold legal organic status up until the point they despatch from our warehouse.  If you as a business or individual do not hold organic certification then there is no additional documentation to complete as technically the goods already lose their ability to be sold on, or used for manufacturing, as legally certified organic at the point they arrive with you. 
However, if you are based in the EU or in Northern Ireland and do need the goods to retain legal organic status on arrival with your business (ie, you are also a certified organic business and the items we are sending you are required for your certified organic products) then the following will be required:
  • Your business must be registered on TRACES – the online tool for management of movement of organic goods across EU borders – this is essential as both parties to the transaction (us as seller and you as the recipient) must participate in the TRACES document endorsement for the legal organic status to remain in place.  Please contact your certifier to make arrangements. 
  • We will arrange a transaction-specific COI for each order which will be endorsed by both our organic certifier and yours, as well as relevant customs authorities/port health, to cover the transaction.  This all takes place via the online system.
  • As of 1 February the grace period for COI fees will cease and at this point, each transaction-specific COI will incur an additional cost of £25 (exc VAT) from our certifier, this cost will be added to your order with us.

19 January 2021
Courier services

DPD parcel services have now been resumed to EU locations and the Republic of Ireland.  We are progressing orders already placed with us as quickly as possible now that the service has been resumed, and will be in touch with all customers accordingly.  Please continue to refer as below to information on duties and VAT that may be payable, and organic certification requirements.

Northern Ireland
We have now been issued with an XI EORI number relevant for trade with our customers in Northern Ireland: XI36348862200.

14 January 2021

Courier services to the EU, including the Republic of Ireland:
Our primary courier for parcel deliveries is DPD, but as has been widely reported in the UK news, they have currently suspended any deliveries from the UK to EU locations.  They have confirmed they will review on Friday 15th January.


  • If you have already placed an order with us, please be assured we are working to get your order to you as quickly as possible
  • If you prefer to arrange collection via an alternative courier then we will of course be happy to facilitate this
  • We will work with alternative couriers to ship your parcel orders if DPD remains suspended for a further extended period of time
Pallet freight deliveries
We are able to work with you for pallet deliveries to European destinations.  Please contact us and we will progress your order. All our orders are accompanied by relevant documentation including full Commercial Invoice and Packing List.  If you have any country-specific documentation requirements for import then please discuss with us. 
If we do not have your EORI number as yet, please contact us. We will need to update our records. 
Our EORI number is GB363488622000.

Duties and VAT
The EU-UK Trade Agreement provides for tariff-free trade between EU and UK businesses.  However, for certain products duties may be payable on import to the EU due to rules on country of origin of the goods.  We will provide you with full information about your order including commodity code of products and country of origin information, but please check with your country’s relevant authorities regarding any import duties that may be payable by your business.
We will no longer add VAT to any orders to customers in the EU.  However, VAT may be chargeable in your country at point of import.  Again please check with your country’s relevant authorities to be sure what VAT liabilities may apply for your order at point of import.
Organic certification and product labelling
The UK’s organic certifiers have been confirmed as able to continue to offer organic certification equivalent to EU regulations, and UK businesses continue to be able to use the EU “leaf” logo and existing certification codes (eg GB-ORG-05) on product labelling.
We strongly recommend that UK organic businesses refer to the guidance from the UK Government https://www.gov.uk/guidance/trading-and-labelling-organic-food-from-1-january-2021 and Soil Association Certification https://www.soilassociation.org/certification/preparing-your-organic-business-for-brexit/
We are registered on TRACES for issuance of COI export documentation for organic goods. 
Please note COIs for export are required only if your business is certified organic and requires goods to retain legal organic-certified status on import.  Please discuss with us whether you require a COI for your order. 
If you require a COI, please could you confirm to us that you are registered on TRACES with your certification body.

For our customers in Northern Ireland:
Although DPD have suspended deliveries to Europe, they are currently operating a service to Northern Ireland.
We are awaiting our XI EORI number to enable us to export to NI – this should be available next week.
We will follow a similar documentation process to products supplied into the EU:
  • We will provide necessary import documentation including seller’s commercial invoice and packing list
  • If you are certified organic we will provide a COI via the EU’s TRACES system. Please confirm you are registered on TRACES with your certification body.
  • If you do not hold organic certification, goods can be sent to you in a similar way to currently.  Without a COI, goods are certified organic when they leave us but will not hold legal organic status when they arrive with you. 
We look forward to continuing to work with our valued customers in the EU, and bringing our many years of experience exporting organic products worldwide, to ensure we can meet your needs in the future.